The most advanced school management platform

With over hundreds of features, schools that use Edlantic don’t need to use anything else, resulting in saved costs and great user experiences.

Home Overview

Powerful Tools

Create custom admission forms or quickly build timetable for whole school using a set of powerful but easy-to-use tools within Edlantic. Manage transportation and library in a never seen before interactive way.

Advanced Analytics

Never miss out on important details in your school data with our state-of-the-art analysis tools. Use the insights to understand the trends and get data-driven predictions to help students perform well and teachers work efficiently.

Connected Community

Connect with people that matter to you at your school, participate in events, browse photo galleries and experience a great social learning experience.


Mobile Application

Free Android & iOS app for administrators, teachers, students and parents

Free Cloud Hosting

Easily manage your institute in a more secure way online without any setup costs

Help Documentation

With our easy to understand documentation, teachers and parents can achieve daily tasks without any hassle